Help Your NHS

Here to help you support
Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals since March 2020.

The needs of local hospitals are changing by the day during the coronavirus emergency. 

At Help Your NHS we’re dedicated to Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals to find out what they need now. And we’re asking for your help through donations to make sure they get it.

What do we do?

Our aim is to match the generosity of the local community with the needs of our local hospital trust.

As Help Your NHS, we:


Are in regular contact with Ashford & St Peter’s Trust to find out what they need most urgently


Use your donations to tick off items from the hospital’s shopping lists by sourcing goods they need wherever we can find them


Talk to local businesses about supplying goods directly to the hospitals

Like to help but not sure how? 

We’ve already delivered

food and drink items for NHS staff

items of Medical & Personal Protective Equipment

self care packages for NHS staff


Worked with Kellogg’s to create breakfast packs for staff

Received toiletries from GlaxoSmithKline to make packs for staff to use in the new self-isolating hospital showers

Accepted donations from local businesses and individuals to allow us to buy and deliver items such as contactless thermometers and pulse oximeters as requested by the hospitals

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals support the areas of Elmbridge, Runnymede, Spelthorne and Woking

What can you do?

Do you live or work in the areas served by Ashford & St Peter’s hospitals and would like to give them direct support?

As a local resident you can


Make a donation to our second round of fundraising to our Just Giving page so we can buy items on the hospital shopping list and get them directly and quickly where they need to go

As a business you can


Make a company donation on the Just Giving Page

Provide help

Contact us to discuss what you can deliver directly to the hospitals

We’re working directly with the Staff Engagement Officer and
the Head of Patient Experience & Involvement  and the Head of Procurement at 

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Who are we?

We are Anita and Kristian Karppi. We are local Weybridge residents who want to help others during this difficult time. Every minute and second counts during a pandemic and we need to help our local hospitals as much as we can as they urgently need help and support. 

That’s why we’ve set up a direct channel to Ashford & St Peter’s hospitals to find out what they urgently need. We aim to turn the kindness of local people into tangible, urgently needed goods.



Local resident, mother, business owner and Level 2 Fitness professional and fitness influencer



Local resident, father, sales director for a City PLC and Kempo martial arts teacher and enthusiast

We’ve lived in Weybridge for 9 years, and have been running our local finance-focused business for 11 years.

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