16th May – more deliveries !

May 16, 2020 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Lots of items delivered this week for this NHS staff from the crowdfunding pot: #nhs#covid19✅ San peligrino lemonade✅

Apple & mango juice✅

Apple and pear juice✅

48 tubs of Pringles✅

Twix bars✅

Bounty bars

✅ Pamper packages with :-

Face wipes, Vaseline hand cream, toothbrush- cotton wool buds, lip salve, shower gel, deodorant toothpaste donated by Maclean’s

✅ 600 little tubs of persil washing tablets as the staff need to wash their scrubs continuously so we packaged the individual pods into sets of 3 so that is they can share them amongst staff


✅ Fresh bread donated by Waitrose Weybridge

Keep giving what you can please and share the link below 🤞💫👍https://www.justgiving.com/cro…/ashfordandstpetershospital


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